noun: a change of the form or nature of a thing or person into a completely different one, by natural or supernatural means.

Merriam-Webster Dictionary

The most gratifying thing I do on a daily basis is support people like you to live a purposeful and productive life. My mission as an Intentional Living Coach is to collaborate with you to 

                                          "shift who and where you are, to who and where you want to be." 


My personal mantra for years has been "Know your Truth, Live your Truth, Be your Truth". After countless conversations with friends, family, clients - and yes even myself - I arrived to the realization that part of what makes change and growth so uncomfortable internally and externally is that we do not honor what our personal truths are which includes our limitations and strengths. Coaching is a journey that allows personal transformation and development to occur. Much like characters from The Wizard of Oz, Lion had the courage, Scarecrow had the brains, Tin Man had the heart, and Dorothy had the ability to return home all along - they just needed the right person to guide them to the right adventure that would reveal that to them! 


As your Intentional Living Coach I will support with you with creating meaningful, lasting change that will improve or enhance the quality or value of specific areas of your life that you feel "stuck", unclear, or experiencing little growth in. Receiving coaching will give you the clarity and tools you need to live your life intentionally and with purpose. Coaching sessions are intended for those who are serious about change as we will address the knowledge, skills, attitudes, and behaviors that either help or hinder you. I specialize in individualized coaching around the areas of:



Stress & Energy


a Daily Spiritual Practice


a Health & Wellness Routine


Your Life Purpose

How Coaching Works Video (3 Min)


Productivity & Prioritization

Pricing & Free Coaching Session

Intentional Living Coaching sessions are available for $50/hr. To get the most out of coaching, a minimum of two coaching sessions are recommended within a month. This also includes unlimited text/SMS and email follow up throughout. Because everyone's coaching style is different (and everyone's experience with and/or understanding of coaching varies), I offer one FREE 45 minute, "Try on Coaching" session for curious clients to try coaching with me to see if it is a good fit. This is your opportunity to experience coaching risk free to see if my services are right for you!

My Coaching Tools


Trans-theoretical Models

Neuro-linguistic Programming

Mindfulness Techniques

Positive Psychology

Intuitive Feedback

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