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"I have over 5 years of professional experience as a freelance artist. These experiences range from commissioned art projects for companies and individuals, live painting, logo design, mural art, and teaching art classes. My preferred mediums of choice are acrylic paints, chalk pastel,  pencil, and ink. My artistic style illustrates external manifestation of the energetic forces that influence man and nature through the use of symbolism, high contrast images, and bold colors."

N'Digo Yaayaa Kali

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La Cavera Catrina
Evolution of Missy Elliot
Dat Bih
Mean Muggin'
Commission Painting (SOLD)
N'Jadaka/ Erik (SOLD)
Tantric Lingam
Tantric Yoni
Ganpati Fresh (SOLD)
Ganpati II (SOLD)
Ganpati III (SOLD)
Tupac Amaru Shakur (SOLD)
Chakra Wombman (SOLD)
Fly Yogi (SOLD)
Andre Benjamin (SOLD)
3000 (SOLD)
3000 Grills (SOLD)
Michael Jackson (SOLD)
Robert Nesta Marley (SOLD)
Dick Gregory (SOLD)
Nina Simone (SOLD)
Untitled (SOLD)
Remember Me (SOLD)
Peacock (SOLD)
Shakti (SOLD)
Untitled 1 (SOLD)
Untitled 2 (SOLD)
Dr. Sebi (SOLD)
Siddhartha (SOLD)
Full Moon
Mara (SOLD)
Bessie Lou (SOLD)
Commissioned Pet (SOLD)
Commissioned Pic (SOLD)

Art Commissions & Inquiries

I am open to the limitless possibilities of creativity! If you are interested in commissioning an individualized, one-of-a-kind work of art from me, please contact me and include:

  • The subject you want painted/drawn

  • Size/Dimensions

  • Color preferences, and

  • Estimated date of completion 

Please contact me with all your art inquiries, including art commissions (see above), purchasing art showcased in the slideshow above, art instruction and/or live painting events, or art shows.


Commissioned Art Pricing 

The following are a list of estimated prices for commissioned art only (if you see something in the gallery that you're interested in purchasing, contact me for pricing). I charge by canvas size. All dimensions are in inches. Most people choose the 24" x 18". A $50 deposit is needed for me to start the artwork (which is subtracted from the total). The remaining balance can be paid upon completion of the painting or in installments.

11" x 14" - $150

16" x 20" - $250

24" x 18" - $300

24" x 36" - $350

30" x 40" - $400

36" x 48" - $450


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12"x12" Acrylic