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N'Digo Yaayaa Kali

Intentional Living Coaching | Yoga & Mindfulness | Visual Art

As a self-professed "ancient soul in a modern body with a futuristic state of mind", I owe my passion for art, yoga, holistic wellness, and connecting people to their highest potential to my Colorado upbringing and childhood fascination of learning about all things mystical, cultural, and environmental. From flipping through the pages of National Geographic, Essence, and nature magazines as a child, my affinity for indigenous cultures and world religions/philosophies have been the greatest influence on my creative pursuits as a Certified Holistic Life Coach, visual artist, 200hr Certified Yoga Teacher, and Certified Mindfulness Practitioner. 

"Know your Truth, Live your Truth, Be your Truth"

N'Digo Yaayaa Kali




Personal transformation. Allow me to support you with co-creating the life, habits, and mindset of the person you are destined to become.



My art, your way. Need a custom piece? An art instructor? Live painter? Art to show in your next event or gallery? Contact me with all your creative inquiries.

Yoga & Mindfulness

Movement of body, stillness of mind. There's a yoga for everybody and every body. Discover how yoga and mindfulness will enrich you.

"Vulnerability is the birthplace of innovation, creativity and change."

Brene Brown


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